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Santa Barbara’s luxury waterfront Clark Estate will become a museum

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Huguette M. Clark’s expansive Santa Barbara estate will become a museum, filled with the late heiress’ art, book and music collection and run by a foundation, executers of her estate said Wednesday.

Santa Barbara's Clark Estate

Santa Barbara's Clark Estate

The Bellosguardo Foundation, named after her mansion, was created “for the primary purpose of fostering and promoting the arts,” her lawyers said in an email.

Clark, who died last month in New York at the age of 104, owned a 24-acre property overlooking the city and the Pacific Ocean. The land is home to a 21,000 square-foot mansion, built in 1933. Her lawyers, in a news release, estimated the property’s value at $100 million.

“It is in this beautiful seaside setting, with its formal gardens and grand galleries displaying magnificent artwork not seen for many decades, that Mrs. Clark’s passion and inner being will come to life,” Attorney James Hurley said. Hurley’s law firm had been managing Clark’s property for more than 80 years.

Clark last visited the home in 1963, but had the property maintained since.